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Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Andrei Cherny for Arizona Democratic Party Chair

Former Democratic nominee for Arizona State Treasurer Andrei Cherny announced his intention to run for chairman of the state Democratic Party when it convenes on Saturday, January 22nd, 1pm at the Wyndham Hotel at 50 E. Adams in downtown Phoenix.

Cherny's campaign facebook page states, "...[he] is a former AZ prosecutor and economic advisor and a current husband and dad. As our next State Chair, Andrei will be a unifying figure and a strong messenger for a compelling vision of where Arizona needs to go."

Blogger Carolyn Classen posted a letter Cherny sent out on his announcement.

Based on his strong campaign for treasurer, his broad background and experience, and his compelling statement of vision and direction for the ADP during his term, I support Andrei for chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.

It's also noteworthy that his opponent, Master Rodney Glassman, has campaigned vigorously thus far for the chairmanship.  However, whenever and wherever the subject of Cherny's candidacy for the position has been mentioned in recent days, Glassman's supporters have commented that Cherny is not legally able to run.  The salient point in this aspect of the situation is that Rodney can only rebut Cherny's supporters on the basis of a perceived technicality.  Rodney Glassman does NOT have the experience, the vision or the ability to credibility articulate the concerns of Arizona Democrats.  All he has is the ability to whine and throw tantrums.

For more background on Andrei Cherny, go here.

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