Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kirk Adams throws a hissy fit

Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams, apparently not wanting to continually be upstaged by Russell Pearce, has called a press conference for 2:30pm today about his self-made  hissy fit -- The Independent Redistricting Commission Selection Controversy -- on the Capitol lawn in front of the House of Representatives.

Adams was not in attendance when the Appellate Courts Commission on Appointments discussed and voted on whether to include Tucsonan Christopher Gleason on the final list of candidates to become redistricting commissioners.  He issued a statement anyway, claiming that the sole reason Gleason was excluded is that Gleason is a person of faith.

Adams' statement said, "I am shocked and alarmed that a Commissioner of a constitutional commission, acting in an important constitutional proceeding, would openly oppose a candidate because his application appeared too religious.  It is totally unacceptable to suggest that candidates for public service in Arizona must check their faith at the door."

Since Michael Perry, a Republican from Maricopa County who also cited his faith (including serving or having served as associate teaching director of Community Bible Study at his church), was included on the final list of qualified candidates, Adams' manufactured dispute must not be considering all of the facts.

One difference in the applications is that Michael Perry's statement of interest is more detailed and appears more relevant.  But I can't speak for the commissioners.

On a seperate note, I hope you enjoy the YouTube clip below.

I'll figure out how to embed YouTube clips soon (I hope).  :)

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