Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The best is yet to come.

I hope to make information of value available to concerned citizens everywhere.  Likely, most of it will relate to goings on in Arizona politics.  Lord knows the next year is going to be full of tumult with the state legislature set begin its regular session in early January and Independent Redistricting Commission due to get into full swing by March.

Already, sparks are beginning to fly with Democrats trying to figure out how to have any impact at all -- as they have even smaller minorities in both chambers -- in the upcoming legislative session. Senate President-elect Russell Pearce is already working on alienating everyone except the most conservative lawmakers and public; he has already declared his intent to challenge the United States Constitution (on birthright citizenship) not to mention the ever present state budget revenue shortfalls. Pearce, along with Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams on Friday, Dec 10 complained, in writing, to Supreme Court Chief Justice Rebecca Burch about the list of candidates the Appointments Commission provided to legislative leaders to populate the Redistricting Commission.  Of course, there will be more issues and problems, but these will surely be among the big ones in the next year.

So, I expect to be busy... and in my "spare time" I'm hoping to get familiar with energy issues and follow some of the actions of the Arizona Corporation Commission.  In January, the ACC will become substantially less friendly to utility consumers as Commissioner Kris Mayes leaves (due to term limits) and is replaced by pro-business, anti-consumer, former Senate President Brenda Burns.  Burns, of course, was in charge of the state senate when the Alt-Fuels Debacle was passed 10 years ago or so, with no advance public review.  That situation cost Arizona taxpayers several hundred million dollars before legislation could be passed to shut down the program.

So, stay tuned because 2011 will be full of controversy and I'll try to stay up on as much as possible. 

Thanks for reading the Eagle-tarian.

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