Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucuses in the books for 2016

It was just a day or two ago that Hillary vehemently declared "NO, WE CAN'T" on the issue of universal health care, trying a last ditch effort to subvert the insurgent Bernie Sanders candidacy.

This evening in Iowa, in what broadcast media pundits said was a declaration of victory, she executed the #FastestEverFlipFlop.

At 10:40 into this c-span clip, she disingenuously proclaims herself to be a Progressive. One who gets things done for people. But what are the accomplishments she can rightly list on her resume/c.v.?

At 11:00 she claims to be a reformer for whom "the status quo is not good enough." Oh how I wish that were congruent with the message she has put forth thus far.

At 11:32 she executes the #FastestEverFlipFlop declaring that she knows we can "finish the job of universal health care coverage for every single man, woman and child."

At 15:00 she lets everyone know that tonight she had a "big sigh of relief." Now, isn't that really a clue to the doubt even she now must have about whether she can beat Sanders?

Her comments sounded to me (and this could simply be confirmation bias on my part) more like a concession to Bernie Sanders, in tone and content, than a victory speech.

By the way, Dominionist Ted Cruz appears to have soundly triumphed over a second place showing by the GOP's chief buffoon, Donald Trump this evening.

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