Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Monday, February 29, 2016

#FireIsOurs artist Makana to perform in Arizona this month

Hawaiian slack key guitarist, singer, songwriter and social activist Makana --whose song #FireIsOurs is invigorating supporters of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign -- will perform three times in mid-March in Arizona.

You will hopefully recall my recent post featuring an unofficial campaign anthem for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

As a child, Makana performed in boys choirs, and when he learned to play the ukulele realized he had a knack for music. He would sit for hours and days practicing. He told the Arizona Eagletarian that fans have often remarked about how his music carries the influence of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmie Page.

He says that other fans have told him that they've never heard so much music come from one guitar before. Here he is giving a TED talk on Maui in 2013.

He performed his first paid gig at 14-years old and when he was 15 he was playing in clubs four nights a week.

When Makana comes to Arizona, he plans to have a new (as of yet unreleased) (CD) album available for purchase.

Makana will perform:

More background information is available at and at the links above for the Sea of Glass Center and Musical Instrument Museum.

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