Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Sunday, April 19, 2015

NN15 -- Netroots Nation Phoenix in July 2015 -- Scholarship vote!

In just a few months, the Netroots Nation's 2015 conference will convene in downtown Phoenix.

Thousands of progressive activists will converge for fellowship, training and inspiration and leave at the end more prepared and determined to make great things happen in their hometowns and communities.

Over the course of July 16 - 19, roughly 80 panel discussions and 40 hands on training sessions will be presented on key topics related to issues and strategies for effective advocacy.

The Arizona Eagletarian hopes to represent and share as many insights as I can absorb and report to you on this blog. I represent YOU. You can help me get to the conference. I have applied for a scholarship to get the conference fee paid, which will allow me to attend.

Please cast your vote for the Arizona Eagletarian!

Yes, it's a competition. But you may vote for more than one person, but only one time for each person you deem worthy of your vote.


Thank you.

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