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Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

House Education Cmte -- private schools with taxpayer money bill (SB1237) resurrection delayed one week UPDATED 10:55pm MST 3-12-14

To remind and update you on the sneaky goings on regarding the so-called Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, one of the bills (SB1237) had been killed in the House Education committee on March 3rd.

SB1237 had been put on the committee's agenda for this week (Monday, March 10) for reconsideration. But that hearing was cancelled.

The committee's March 17 agenda has now been posted and SB1237 again appears.

As the Arizona Eagletarian previously noted, related bills with the meaty part of the plan to expand the unaccountable ESA private school giveaway, including SB1236 (which has not yet been subject to floor debate) and HB2291 (which has been thrice scheduled for floor debate but skipped every time) are still pending and definitely not yet dead.

The bottom line for today and tomorrow is to again contact Cathi Herrod's puppet Doris Goodale to express your concern about SB1237. My concern is deep and grave.

Rep. Goodale can be reached at (602) 926-5408 and

You probably already realize this, but these bills are central to Huppenthal's scheme to undermine public K-12 education in our state, which Laurie Roberts has dubbed Operation Take Down.

By the way, if you're registered to post comments on the legislature's online Request to Speak system, your position and comments will be made a part of the record of the committee hearing, if Goodale allows a vote on reconsideration of SB1237. Here's what I submitted,
How much hubris does it take to so brazenly undermine Arizona's public schools?
Have you measured the public outrage over expansion and revision of the so-called "Empowerment" Scholarship Accounts?
Safe Republican House and Senate seats might not be in jeopardy, but everyone of the statewide offices are.
How badly does the GOP want the next firestorm to continue until after the November election?
The HB2305 firestorm may have been effectively extinguished. You might still be smarting a little over SB1062.
But if what Laurie Roberts dubbed Operation Take Down continues with this year's ESA expansion, do you really think Arizona voters will tolerate it?

I just learned that Arizona Horizon host Ted Simons moderated a discussion yesterday (March 11) between ALEC-owned GOP Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-ALEC state chair) and House Minority Whip Eric Meyer on this bill and the related bills, notably HB2291.

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