Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

American UPRISING -- American Anti-Corruption Act

Hopefully, by now you are well aware of Move to Amend, to codify in the United States Constitution the effort to overturn, or nullify, the Citizens United ruling issued by the Supreme Court in January 2010. Last week, Ashley Sanders spoke at several events in Arizona about Move to Amend. Her speech before a small crowd in Phoenix was recorded on video. When the video becomes available, I plan to post it here for you.

Today, however, I call your attention to the American Anti-Corruption Act which I'd like to ask you to support, as I do.

When you visit the website to learn more about the Act, you will notice that support at this early stage of the process already includes people from a wide range of backgrounds. Those include Trevor Potter (former Federal Elections Commission chairman), along with a GOP strategist, a leader of Occupy Los Angeles, an investment banker, a Tea Party leader and hundreds (of thousands) of others.

Key provisions of the Act include:
  • Stop politicians from taking bribes
  • Limit super PAC contributions and “coordination”
  • Prevent job offers as bribes
  • Call all people who lobby, lobbyists
  • Limit lobbyist donations
  • End secret money
  • Empower all voters with a tax rebate
  • Disclose “bundling”
  • Enforce the rules
There's a plan (which starts with the American people, not Congress). The Act has been carefully crafted and analyzed by Constitutional scholars and attorneys. 

Please check out the American Anti-Corruption Act and join me as a co-sponsor.

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