Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Arizona UPRISING -- candidates off the ballot -- who stays, who goes?

A few days ago, Jean McDermott, aka Jean Cheuvront-McDermott, was ordered removed from the primary election ballot for the Democratic nomination for State Representative in LD24.

Yet, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett's website still shows McDermott as an eligible candidate.

State elections director Amy Chan advised the Arizona Eagletarian this afternoon that her office has received informal notification that McDermott plans to appeal the ruling and that's why she still is listed as a candidate. This list (of candidate challenges), however, does currently show that the outcome of the McDermott challenge is that she has been removed.

McDermott is being represented by Kory Langhofer, an associate of Snell and Wilmer. Langhofer told me he plans to file an appeal once the official minute entry is issued on the ruling. He expects to file the appeal tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

Libertarian candidates Kim Allen (Senate, LD11), James Ianozzo (Senate, LD28) and Anthony Prowell (US House, CD1) were all removed from the ballot because signatures of independent (no party designated) voters were disqualified, leaving them without enough actual Libertarian signatures to qualify. This is a unique twist because Democratic and Republican candidates are allowed to submit signatures of independent voters to qualify. Prior litigation by the Libertarian Party had closed that particular provision off from their candidates.

Libertarian Sheila Bilyeu (US Senate) was removed in a default judgment because she did not show up for the hearing in her case.

[May 28, 2015 -- Ms. Bilyeu contacted the Arizona Eagletarian to ask that I remove this reference. She said,
I am actually a Democrat; I tried to get on the ballot as a Libertarian because they don't require but a few signatures to get on the ballot; I was unable to get enough on time to get on the Democrat ballot. One of the Libertarian state officials contested some of my signatures so I didn't get on the ballot; I probably would have dropped out anyway in favor of Carmona. Google has me as a Libertarian and I don't know how to get it off except to email people who have put it on websites saying I am Libertatian Thank you. I WANT BERNIE TO WIN ALSO.] More below (at the end of the post)

The challenge to Raquel TerĂ¡n's nominating petitions, based on a claim she is not a US citizen, was dismissed. The only other Democrat whose petitions were challenged, Rebecca DeWitt, running to challenge incumbent Congressman Ed Pastor, also survived and will be on the ballot.

Challenges to six Republican candidates were unsuccessful and they will remain on the ballot.


NOTE: I appreciate Ms. Bilyeu contacting me to request clarification of the post. Because there is no error in what I posted, I cannot delete it. But I am willing to provide space for her clarification. Additionally, I enthusiastically applaud her preference for #Bernie2016.

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