Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arizona UPRISING -- Legislative mischief over with for now?

Of course, in the last few days, the GOP supermajority in the Arizona Legislature passed a resolution authorizing it to intervene in the lawsuits against the Independent Redistricting Commission, so there IS mischief that can still be carried out -- BUT -- they ended the 2012 regular session SINE DIE this evening.

So, the Russell Pearce welfare check for $261,000 IS actually dead.

Further, they passed some amazingly BAD legislation. One piece of which is the "Janice K Brewer wants to out do Scott Walker" bill, HB2571. Also known as the Spoils System, it subjects state workers to undue political pressure and makes it incredibly easy to shut down any kind of dissent or whistleblower who intends to report on corruption in any area of state government. Do you believe that to be a good idea?

My hope is that this issue will be taken up by labor advocates and challenged at the ballot. There is a process for that to take place. It's called REFERENDUM.

When something develops along those lines, I WILL report on it in this blog.

In the meantime, we should all give thanks to God or who ever else you would like to acknowledge that they cannot do more damage to the rights of the Middle Class, or further endanger women's health or infringe any more (than they already have) on our civil liberties.

And I will follow up on the legislature's efforts to intervene in existing lawsuits or otherwise sue the AIRC in the days to come.

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