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Arizona Eagletarian

Monday, January 2, 2012

Redistricting -- status report

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, being a state government agency, is taking the day -- 1/2/12 -- as the New Year's Day holiday.

Over the weekend, I had a brief, online chat with Ken Strasma (Strategic Telemetry) about progress of the analysis being performed by Harvard Prof. Gary King. Strasma indicated that the current stage of the analysis had raised a question that needed to be answered before the process could be completed. He hoped to have more definitive insight on a targeted completion date today.

At this time, obviously, the AIRC cannot meet on Tuesday. To meet on Thursday, a decision must be made by tomorrow and notice posted then, which seems improbable. Therefore, the Commission will more likely meet next week.


On Friday morning, the Arizona Corporation Commission will hold an open meeting on electricity deregulation related issues. The meeting convenes at 10am in Hearing Room 1 at 1200 W Washington St, Phoenix.


Various people have asked me about what is next for the Arizona Eagletarian as redistricting winds down. Clearly, we have not gotten nearly as competitive a set of new district maps as should have been expected, given the Prop 106 voter mandate (THE MAPPING OF FAIR AND COMPETITIVE CONGRESSIONAL AND LEGISLATIVE DISTRICTS). Yet, the political landscape will definitely change in 2012. To the best of my ability, I will follow and report on that change.

Already, we have seen a good bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth over this year's redistricting outcomes. I refer to grousing by incumbent lawmakers whose oxen have been gored. A quick google search for "repeal Prop 106 Arizona" shows that tea partiers and others have started organizing to demand an end to independent redistricting. In that regard, this fight is not over.

There is a strong possibility that Arizona's GOP will not retain its supermajority in the legislature, so expect an all out push this year to further undermine social safety nets and consumer protections. ALEC is unlikely to stop its push for "business friendly" policies with out a fight.

So, I will not be at a loss for situations about which to write.

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