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Arizona Eagletarian

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Redistricting -- it's all over but the shouting...

Wait, I thought the shouting was over and done with more than a month ago.

Okay, on Friday morning, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission met in Tempe at the Fiesta Resort. Four commissioners attended the meeting in person, with Stertz watching the live feed and responding by telephone. Besides members, staff and consultants, eleven members of the public showed up to observe what could be the last AIRC meeting prior to certifying the maps and authorizing preparation of DOJ submission package.

The only action taken, votes to adopt technical changes related to split precincts in several counties, passed 3-0-2 with Freeman and Stertz abstaining. Brief discussion took place regarding additional renumbering of districts but no further changes were made.

On Tuesday, January 17, the AIRC will meet at 9am at the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel to adopt final technical changes and certify the final maps.

Of course, after that, the possibility of litigation by disgruntled Republicans could surface at any time. Indeed, to my knowledge, nobody involved with the AIRC has heard from any of the people involved with the UNfair Trust since November. There's no telling what they've been up to.

One observer recently remarked, however, that he thought it unlikely any Republican interest would sue because there has to be an extremely slim chance any court would give them a better outcome than they already have with the final maps.

Nevertheless, the Arizona Eagletarian will keep his ear to the ground and will report any further developments to you on this blog. In the meantime, my coverage of political issues in Arizona will diversify but will not likely be as comprehensive on any one topic as I've been able to provide on redistricting.

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  1. Steve, I'll miss your fine reporting and be looking forward to whatever you "dig up" in the future. Thanks...