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Arizona Eagletarian

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Redistricting -- Senate floor session is a SHAM

Russell Pearce and Andy Biggshot have orchestrated a complete and total sham.

How and why?

Sen. Steve Gallardo requested having a Senate Rules attorney review the the motion to remove Mathis from the AIRC. He was ruled out of order by Pearce. What would it have hurt to have a Rules attorney weigh in?  Perhaps put another roadblock in the way of their steamroller?

Andy Biggshot made a motion that any debate and any comments by senators explaining their votes be limited to two minutes per senator. The motion carried.

When Senate Minority Leader David Schapira explained his vote, Pearce turned off his microphone when his two minutes were up.

Linda Gray, in explaining her vote, claims Mathis is a "so-called" independent contrary to what she's supposed to be. Gray seems conveniently ignorant of the fact that the ONLY thing that matters, that Mathis  has been registered to vote as an Independent for the required time. When Gray exceeded her two minutes, she was NOT cut off. Pearce eventually said her name, as an indication she needed to wrap it up. Gray also recited the GOP mantra, originally offered by rabid tea partiers at the end of June. That screed is completely in the realm of partisan politics, rather than findings of fact or of law.

Gallardo called attention to the fact that no finding of fact or law was offered by either the governor (including in her October 26, 2011 letters to the commissioners) or by the senate in its motion or any explanation thereof, that there had been any gross misconduct. In light of this fact, there would seem to be probably cause to take the matter, in a special action before the Arizona Supreme Court.

What a freakin' sham.

By the way, Andy Biggshot went beyond his two minutes without being called on it.

But by golly, the senate Republicans got the rationalization for their power grab down pat.

The final vote was 21-6-3.

All 21 Republicans voted Aye

Democrats Schapira, Landrum-Taylor, Meza, Gallardo, Aboud and Sinema voted Nay.

Democrats Lopez, Cajero Bedford and Jackson were not there and did not vote.

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