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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Redistricting -- What Brewer failed to recognize

Despite the "nice nice" type spin that gubernatorial spokesman Matt Benson has tried to put on Brewer's declaration of war against the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, there can be no question Jan is trying to put the screws to the five commissioners. One of her allegations:

"The IRC does not have the legal authority, using public monies at considerable cost to the taxpayers, to retain multiple attorneys to represent certain IRC Commissioners individually to litigate and seek the disqualification of the Attorney General's office from pursuing an investigation of the IRC." 
On its face, that is pure and complete BULLSHIT. Put in more polite terms, Jan Brewer, on the advice of counsel, intentionally LIED. Anyone that has any political insight can read between the lines to see that the dramatic presentations staged by Arizona's top GOP "leadership" at the state capitol over the last week have been intended to bully and intimidate. The governor's own former chief counsel (AZ State Bar President and current AIRC counsel Joe Kanefield) did not put a stop to the commission voting to defend itself from the outrageous allegations. If he had, there's at least one person privy to AIRC executive sessions that has been accused of briefing the state's top GOP officials. So, we would likely have heard about it if Kanefield had advised against the commission legally defending itself.

Brewer's demand that the commissioners respond individually and thoroughly, BY 8am MONDAY morning (HALLOWEEN, ironically enough) and if they do not it would be taken as admission of guilt (not so subtly implied) is a clear indication of bad faith. It also fails to consider the personal lives and circumstances of each commissioner.

One commissioner has close family with major health issues; one has a child that may be born soon; (at least) one has had to implement increased home or personal security measures due to threats received in the course of this redistricting; one has faced serious allegations of racism because of his principled positions on redistricting matters; all of them have suffered financially because of the time demands on their professional careers AND all of them are UNPAID VOLUNTEERS.

Pursuant to Brewer's declaration of war, the AIRC (which must post 48 hours notice prior to ANY meeting) will meet at 4pm on Saturday in Yuma (where they will be holding a Public Outreach Hearing earlier) to discuss and deal with the matters at hand. The meeting will likely include one or more commissioner attending by teleconference and will almost certainly include an executive session to receive advice from counsel. But there will almost certainly be some action taken in open session.

In the meantime, AIRC staff (and one member, Scott Freeman) were on their way to the hearing they held in eastern Arizona tonight.



Or, then again, do we DARE her to subvert the will of the voters? Surely someone on her staff which be able to help her realize that doing so will CERTAINLY cause commotion that will overshadow her centennial celebration coming up in just a few short months? They will have no excuse for failing to see it if they read this blog. Are they smart enough to be reading the Arizona Eagletarian?  You are.

Call her office at 602-542-4331 or toll-free at 1-800-253-0883

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  1. Even my 11 year old daughter gets it and asked, "Why is the govenor and attorney general being so mean?" "Don't we have bigger problems to deal with in Arizona?" Wow, sure wish some adults would listen to an 11 year old.