Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Friday, April 29, 2011

Redistricting -- May 3rd meeting

The next meeting of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission is scheduled for 9:30am, Tuesday, May 3rd at the State Library Conference Room, second floor in the Capitol Bldg. (access is easiest by elevator in the hallway between the original capital wing and the executive tower).

The agenda calls for Ray Bladine to deliver his executive director's report.  The commission will also deal with problems related to minutes of prior meetings (a problem that apparently has not yet been solved).  This will include making corrections to previously approved minutes. Of course, the agenda also calls for a time to take public comment.

Bladine told me that he has discussed his idea for a deputy director with the commission and it will be addressed in this meeting. Because the existing position is already exempt from merit system protections (and hiring procedures), if authorized by vote of the commission, Bladine intends to hire Kristina C. Gomez to be his deputy director.

Gomez interviewed for the executive director position and served as Community Outreach Representative for the first IRC.  You may view her resume here and here.

Bladine told me he expects this could be a long meeting, with potentially extended executive sessions for "discussing contract matters relating to hiring" mapping and legal consultants.

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