Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Monday, March 28, 2011

Palo Verde Nuke-u-lar generating station; the next Redistricting meeting

As many Americans know by now, radiation from one of Japan's troubled nuclear generating stations has reached the mainland US already.  We just don't know enough about how much of this radiation it would take to cause health concerns.

In light of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that caused the disastrous situation with Japan's nukes, the Arizona Corporation Commission will hold an open meeting at 1 pm tomorrow (Tuesday, March 29) to discuss safety procedures and precautions related to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.  Palo Verde is located about 55 miles west of Phoenix. 

Tomorrow's hearing, at the ACC, will take place at 1200 W. Washington, Phoenix, 85007.

Also, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will meet at 9:30am on Thursday, March 31.  Tentatively, the location will be the Carnegie Library at 1101 W. Washington, Phoenix.  I expect to have an agenda for the March 31 meeting sometime on Tuesday and will update at that time.

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