Arizona Eagletarian

Arizona Eagletarian

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who should chair the Arizona Democratic Party in 2011?

More than a week ago, word came down through the grapevine as well as in a few local blogs and news sites that Rodney Glassman was mounting a campaign to get himself elected to the chairmanship of the Arizona Democratic Party.

Several of those sources also reported that there was strong opposition to Rodney becoming the new chair.  One would think that such opposition would give a smart candidate pause to reconsider and re-evaluate.  With Rodney, however, that appears NOT to be the case.

Last night, a vocal progressive activist in Navajo County posted on his blog and on facebook that he now supports Glassman's new quest.  Moments ago, I received an email from an active Democrat in Gila County passing along essentially the same message.

To anyone who paid close attention to the US Senate primary and general election campaigns, this should be profoundly troubling.  Well, I know it is for me anyway.

What is clear thus far is that Master Rodney has started making calls to Democratic activists throughout Arizona trying to drum up support. Of course, Rodney can talk a good talk.  He had his lines down so well last summer that many people could say them for him before he even opened his mouth at joint appearances/debates between the primary candidates.  Rodney is tall and can make himself look good in front of a camera.

But behind the scenes, what did he do?  Did he fulfill his promise to the ADP to bring more than a million dollars (self-funding) to his senate campaign?  How did his campaign staff feel about him AFTER they got their last paychecks?  Was he able to even muster, in the general election, solid support of Democratic voters? 

You owe it to yourselves to answer all of these questions, and more, before committing your own time and support to the possibility of Arizona Democratic Party chairman Rodney Glassman.

As for me, not only NO, but HELL NO!

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